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My Way, My Way, doesn’t it sound familiar?

You must have heard about the new handbag, released one season ago, the Fendi By The Way Handbag, a new way of carrying and styling your outfits.

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But today, we need to make another announcement, it’s the NEW Fendi My Way Watch, a must have for any woman. It’s an exclusive and original timepiece, adorned either with a small or large fox fur glamour, both crafted by the Fendi fur atelier.

Captivating, exciting and classy, it’s made for all women who wish to assert their individuality. The Fendi My Way Watches embrace the wrist with luxury and originality, they come in all sizes – from small to large, decorated in all flavors – with from diamonds to fur and in all prices – from $3,100 USD to $13,000 USD. Catch the one that matches to your personality.

It’s a ultra-feminine timepiece that can be dressed with a dazzling fox fur Glamy to add it an exquisite touch of glamour and ensure the grand entrance in special occasions.

Truly a piece of art, check them all out.














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Breitling and Bentley create the spectacular B06 Midnight Carbon watch

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Breitling and Bentley have partnered in several former instances to bring out watches that aspecial tributes, specially built for sports, and even pocket watches. Both brands have again come together for a sequel to the inspiring B05 Unitime timepiece. The all-new Breitling for Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon collection enters with an exclusive 30-second chronograph system and Manufacture Breitling Caliber B06. The watch is inspired by the car, through and through. Hints of the cars design are found on the satin-brushed steel case as well as the bezel.

The numerals on the watch are inscribed in red and white, while the dark blue dial looks subtly domineering. It is available with a rubber or crocodile strap. The transparent caseback reminisces the wheel rim of a Bentley car. It is waterproof up to depths of 100 meters.

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The 49mm steel case houses a 70-hour power reserve. The central hand of the 30-second chronograph performs a full sweep of the dial within its stipulated time frame and assures accuracy to 1/8th of a second. The dial sports the variable tachymeter on a circular side rule, which measures the average speed basis the time elapse, distance covered or the speed attained.

The 500-piece limited edition Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon should retail for $12,500.

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Form meets function in Louis Vuitton’s stylish Escale Spin Tiime watch

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Louis-Vuitton-Escale-Spin-Time-1 (1)

Louis Vuitton’s new Escale Spin Time watch will be an object of curiosity to watch collectors thanks to the way it combines two innovative concepts to form an artistic new timepiece. The Escale Spin Time features the brand’s spin time complication encased in the distinctive Escale watch case. The dial features spinning cubes at the indices. Two faces of each cube feature have been hand painted with colorful miniature nautical flags, while the remaining two faces feature numerals for 12 and 24-hour timekeeping). Every hour, one of the cubes spins to reveal the hour of the day while a white hand indicates the minutes. Effectively, the dial of the watch changes with every passing hour, revealing the different flags.

This watch is available in two variants: one with a two-tone caseband and bezel made from pink gold and brushed titanium while the other features a case of titanium and white gold. It has a 42 hour power reserve and is water-resistant to 30m. The watches come with a black alligator strap with a vivid yellow lining. Its lugs and crown reference the iconic steamer trunks that are at the heart of the Louis Vuitton brand.
The watch is set to hit stores later this year.

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Watch Brand Uniform Wares Debuts First Women’s Collection

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Marland Bakus stars in Uniform Wares' spring 2016 campaignMarland Bakus stars in Uniform Wares’ spring 2016 campaign

London-based watch label Uniform Wares has unveiled its spring-summer 2016 campaign featuring its first women’s collection. Created by founders Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles, the label now has 18 designs.

Photographed by Hart + Leshkina with styling by Jason Rider, the campaign juxtaposes images of model Marland Bakus with product shots. From dusty pink to moleskin grey and yellow gold, there is a variety of styles. Priced between $400 and $1000, the watches make for an elegant finishing touch to just about any outfit.

Watch label Uniform Wares is known for its minimal designs Watch label Uniform Wares is known for its minimal designsAn image from Uniform Wares' spring 2016 campaignAn image from Uniform Wares’ spring 2016 campaignUniform Wares unveils its first women's watch collection for spring 2016Uniform Wares unveils its first women’s watch collection for spring 2016Uniform Wares spring 2016 campaign features women's watchesUniform Wares spring 2016 campaign features women’s watches

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Boys Rule?: New Chanel Boy.Friend Watch

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Especially as of late, Chanel thrives off experimentation and surprise. As a brand, Chanel seems to live by two unofficial mantras: “Fashion has no rules” and “Fashion is universal”. As seen with the Boy bag, Chanel creates new expectations and iconic pieces by transforming conventional boundaries and styles. As quoted by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel has always had a flair for flipping the script:

“Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”001-tomboy-coco-chanel-gigot_162943706154


Chanel evokes the androgynous spirit in their latest fall piece called “The Chanel Boy.Friend watch. Yes—“Boy”, period, “Friend” watch—in case the random punctuation insertion threw you off! The name is a reference to Chanel’s Boy bag, but also seems to play off the ”boyfriend” styled trend of menswear inspired pieces that one could essentially steal from their boyfriend but still rock. The Boy.Friend is the first watch released by Chanel since 2000. Chanel introduced it to the social media world with the hashtag “#meetmyboyfriend”.


As far as specs, the watch features an elongated octagonal case inspired by the bottle cap of the Chanel No. 5 perfume. The Boy.Friend is available in sizes large (34.6 mm x 26.7 mm) and extra large (37 mm x 28.6 mm). The smaller watch size is a quartz model with a date window. The larger watch size features manual-winding mechanical movements, and a seconds dial. There a variety of options in terms of hardware and adornments. Chanel offers versions with or without diamonds, and either in 18-carat beige gold or white gold. Every watch features the same black leather alligator strap.


So, what makes this watch a “Boy”. Friend watch?

The name is a mystery within itself, but speaks to Chanel’s creative genius. Overall, the watch has a feminine character, but its daintiness is offset with the bold shape and angular lines. It has a very clean, simplistic look, which is highlighted by the minimalist dial devoid of numerals. Instead of stealing directly from a men’s watch, the Boy.Friend is a smart interpretation of menswear piece with subtle unisex features. It is also an interpretation of, and almost alternate, masculine style or “friend” to the Chanel Premiere Tourbillion watch, which is larger and more jewelry-like.


The watch retails from $12,500 to $27,000 depending on style, and will be available for sale early September.

What are your initial thoughts on this piece, and are you compelled enough to consider buying it? Can you see this watch becoming iconic like the other “boy” renditions Chanel has released?

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Hermes says “it’s TIME!” – the new Hermes “In the Pocket” Watch

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The leather goods company has always proved its ability to produce many diverse, amazing products while sticking to its core values of quality and luxury. From bags to jewelry and even home décor, Hermes steps into the watch game once again. Hermes is releasing a second watch in the “In the Pocket” series.



The origin of the pocket watch in the Hermes line comes with a unique story. In 1912, Jacqueline Hermes was an avid equestrian and received a pocket watch from her father as a gift. However, this was no ordinary pocket watch as it came with leather holder that could be worn on the wrist. This leather strap design allowed Jacqueline to keep time and ride freely without the bother of having to put in her pocket. Aside from functionality, the holder fully protected the pocket watch during bumpy rides.

Hermes returned to this concept in 2012 with the “In the Pocket” watch to give homage to Jacqueline’s original pocket watch. This year’s watch is a new addition to the series with a little more flair.



The new “In the Pocket watch” features a rose gold case and an alligator wrist strap. Inside the case, there is a silver dial and a smaller subdial for seconds. As far as design, the numerals are clear and large, and the Hermes logo is small, but prominently centered in the middle of the dial. The In the Pocket is powered by automatic movement called “H1837” and holds 50-hour power reserve. The strap itself is constructed for durability and consists of layers of calfskin, cow leather, and an alligator exterior.

Photo Courtesy: Forbes
Photo Courtesy: Forbes

Hermes on the watch…Time to Catch up to Chanel?!

The announcement of the new Hermes pocket watch comes right after Chanel’s reveal of The Boy.Friend watch. Competition is always a factor in the fashion world, but why would these two powerhouse brands release new timepieces in such close proximity? There’s no solid answer and it could just be purely coincidental. Perhaps, Hermes wanted to corner more consumers in the watch market as well. Yet, in a broader scope, the new releases really do speak to the times (literally) changing. Although the Hermes and Chanel watches have very different looks, both styles have very androgynous and utilitarian aspects. These two watches aren’t extremely “jewelry” like and act to their function as straightforward time telling devices.

Hermes In the Pocket Watch limited to 184 pieces, and price is upon request (for reference, the first version was limited to 24 pieces & retailed for 27,000 euros in 2013…)


So with the breakdown of the In the Pocket watch, share your thoughts – are you a fan? Do you see yourself picking either the Chanel Boy.Friend or the Hermes In the Pocket as your next watch investment?

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