Elagant and Calssic Chanel No.21 Bag

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Chanel always has a uniqu idea for bag. The proof is the newest Chanel No21 Bag. Maybe it is the first time you’re hearing about this bag, but it has a history unknown to many.

This bag was launched  by Chanel in 1921 however the same has long been discontinued. Centuries later, the No.21 is hitting the Chanel shelves once again but this time in a bag form. Ingenious isn’t it?

In other words, buying the Chanel No.21 Bag is actually purchasing a memory of this fashion house, which also basically means that your investment is well-spend.

Donning in baby pink/ peach color, the No.21 Bag is perfect for cute feminine night outs with your favorite girlies. And mind you, it can even complement your flirty printed floral dresses.

With its chic and stylish approach, this bag has a round lady-like shape as well, which is stunning! Though it comes in a mini size, it’s just perfect for stashing your essentials such as your mini perfume, lipstick, compact mirror, and your smartphone.

Elagant and Calssic Chanel No.21 Bag

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