Paris Fashion Week FW 2017: The New Loewe Bags

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Eek I am backlogged on blogging but will work on this in the next few days. I am now in Paris, catching up with old friends and going to bag presentations. This morning, I was supposed to go see Loewe’s FW 2017 collection but I woke up with a pretty severe skin allergy! Grrr… I get this quite often now, something I reckon I developed because of my asthma and allergic rhinitis. Bah, age! 

Anyway, saw some of the new bags of Loewe that will hit stores come September 2017 and am sharing the images with you.

“Guilt- free carb” bread tote, anyone? Lol

This large belted clutch looks stunning. Can’t wait to see it up close tomorrow.

The Hammock has become a staple in JW Anderson’s collection for Loewe. I do love the bag even though its shape had earlier reminded me of a Hermes Lindy.

I have carried this bag and love it, but one of the things I had trouble with while carrying the bag full of things and while carrying it using the shoulder strap, is that the contents can easily be “lifted” off the bag by anyone close by. It is a thief magnet because when bag is full, it is “open” like a wide- mouth tote bag. It remains a major concern so I now only take out the bag when I know I am only carrying little things. But I have to say though, the bag (like the blue one above) is beautiful.

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The Loewe Toledo Briefcase

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Loewe has introduced the Toledo Briefcase this winter. The Toledo a simple briefcase with just the Loewe logo engraved in the corner. The rectangular briefcase has a short handle and comes in 6 different colours. The bag features a zipper running across the top and an inside pocket that you can keep your phone or keys. We think its a lovely briefcase to carry to work, stylish and well design, its the perfect shape and size for carrying your documents and can fit a Macbook Air easily.


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Loewe Puzzle Bag

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Meet the Loewe Puzzle Bag; a bag that’s designed to be practical and pretty is already a hit with all the fashion editors around town. The bag shape is simple and comes in 2 sizes; mini and large. We adore the mini one, it’s small enough to use as an evening clutch and big enough to carry your essentials around town when running errands. Available in all the basic versatile colours like navy blue, tan and black but we like the bolder colours like baby pink and blood orange to stand out from the crowd to make a fashion statement.

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Here you have Loewe’s latest invention, from the Origami Collection that consists of three different bags. We showed you theCubo Bag previously and also announced the arrival of Loewe Skin Collection.

But the Pillow is an unusual accessory; you see… it’s literally softer than the three pillows lying on your bed. You can fall in sleep and enter the dreamland unnoticed.

It’s also purposely crafted to be a great traveler bag – its light weighed and double use: handle and bandolier strap. Perfect to use as a carry-on.

Because it’s crafted from nubuck, the bag can expand or contract, giving you an enormous space to store your stuff. And by the way, did you know that you can save space. When you don’t need the Pillow bag, it becomes flat, and then you can hide it anywhere you want.

Measuring 35 x 22 x 27 cm, available in beige, charcoal and black. For €1.800 at Loewe e-store.


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The Origami Collection might be Loewe’s greatest fashion invention ever – a bag that can be folded and hide under your bed, saving you a ton of space. The name is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique Origami.

Rated as ‘one of the best’ travel bag ever made, you can hide the Loewe Origami Bag inside another bag. When you need it, take it out and when it is opened, it will recover its shape instantly, a perfect accessory for any woman.

The Loewe Lia Tote is the newest addition from the Origami Collection. Lia is light weighed, practical and very feminine. It comes in different summer colors like Raspberry, Baby Blue and Navy Blue.

Measuring 33 x 35 x 15 cm, crafted from napa leather and priced at $1890 USD and €1200 euro’s. Available either at your Loewe boutique or e-store.




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Loewe Origami Ala

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loewe_origami-ala-pinkCelebrating 400 years of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, Loewe has specially created the Loewe Origami Ala which combines Japanese know-how of paper-folding (in other words, origami) with the Spanish house’s superiority when it comes to working with leather. The end result? The first Napa and suede-lined tote from Loewe that also folds flat, which is an achievement in itself.

Available in 3 additional colours besides Pink, namely Blue, Green and Yellow, there will only be a limited run of 400 pieces worldwide, priced at HKD12,900 apiece, which works out to be around SGD2060 each. If you want one, besides the fact that you’ve got to hurry (there are only 400 made), they are only available in 3 countries, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

A simple, elegant leather and suede tote that also folds flat is not something one sees every day. What will they think of next?

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