Watch Out for the Gucci Embroidered Watches

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It’s a good face to look at any time of the day.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Snake

Gucci’s lovely prints, the snake, bee, and even the bengal tiger, has found its way in embroidered form in watch face plates. These embroidered Gucci Watches are called Le Marché Des Merveilles. Though I do not speak French, it seems to be Google Translated into The Wonder Market. If you have corrections, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bengal Tiger

There are many variations aside from the print. You can interchange the straps with thicker leather straps (at least in the women’s section), or use the Red/Green or Red/Blue Gucci web nylon straps for a more sporty look. You can also opt to choose a silver or gold stainless steel watch face.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee

These time pieces are wonderfully swiss crafted and are quartz movement time tracking fashion devices. In case the embroidery is not Gucci enough, there are monogrammed double G crowns on the side.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Side

The backplate is engraved with a bee, although Gucci’s signature doesn’t seem to stick to any particular form. For now it’s the bee, but I can’t quite make sense why the bee is the etched figure in all of the watches in this line. Maybe next time it’d be a snake, or a tiger. While I can’t commit to mark a bee as Gucci, it doesn’t entirely matter because this back plate doesn’t get any exposure unless you’re not wearing it.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee Engraved

Are you as smitten by these the way the first printed bags came out? Or is the paradoxical expected shock from Gucci starting to get old? Feel free to express yourself in the comments section.

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Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps

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Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps Collection Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps Collection

Gucci bamboo cherry pumps are very beautiful and the shoe itself, with a heart motif can be found in the insole, sewn directly into the skin. Gucci bamboo cherry pumps made with bamboo Home icon on the heels-a great addition can only be done by designer brands Italy. Determine is in the feet, which is decorated with two cherries three dimensions with studded crystals. It’s never wrong to invest in shoes and especially timeless Gucci pair bamboo cherry pumps, available in two different colors; black and light blue.

Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps Detail Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps CollectionGucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps in Black Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps Collection



Cherries on your pumps? Yes please! But there is more going on than that…

The Gucci Bamboo Cherry Pumps are crafted with the House’s iconic bamboo on the heels – such a fabulous addition can only be made by this Italian designer brand. The defining feature is on the toe, which is embellished with two three-dimensional cherries with encrusted crystals (Shine on!).

While the shape of the pumps are beautiful and the shoes itself comfortable, a heart motif can be found at the insole, sewn directly into the leather.

It’s never wrong to invest in shoes and especially timeless-pairs. So get these, available in two different color; black and light blue, priced at $1100 USD, €890 euro, £725 GBP via Gucci boutiques.








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This stylish and Gucci luxurious hand bag should be a style staple in any woman’s equally posh wardrobe. We are talking about Gucci’s Dionysus GG Supreme Mini coated canvas and suede shoulder bag that is a mini-me version of the already famous Dionysus bag. Look extra feminine and chic with this Mini Dionysus bag as it features a taupe canvas that is sophisticatedly adorned with the brand’s iconic GG emblem and finished off with a fancy silver-tone tiger heads to the front fastening. Carry it with you anywhere you go and people will absolutely take notice. Pair it with your candy-colored cashmere cardigan over an acid washed jeans or a pencil-cut skirt and you’ll look extra fabulous. Here are some of the features about this bag: made in Italy, with suede lining, made up of fabric, calf leather, with chain shoulder strap and push-lock fastening. It also has the following dimensions: 15 x 20 x 6 cm (H x W x D), this Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Mini bag retails for $1550 USD or €1200 euro.


Gucci Mini Dionysus GG Shoulder BagGucci Mini Dionysus GG Shoulder Bag

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Shop Gucci Bags, Shoes and Accessories in an Exclusive Floral Print via

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Well well, look what we found here. It sure looks like this Gucci Pearl Studded Padlock Bag came out straight from a fairytale book. It’s that beautiful that we are 100% certain that Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle might be interested in bringing it to the royal ball.

A small structured chain shoulder bags that feature a key lock closure; this precious Gucci creation is the crème de la crème from all the other shoulder bags out there.

You might think you’ve seen this before but couldn’t quite pinpoint out where, and we’re here to break it up to you that yes, we’ve featured it before but this time around it comes with pearls and studs as an added embellishments.

A statement bag, the key lock closure is pulled straight from the archives while the key is placed in a leather key case. It also has a sliding chain strap therefore you can transform it from being a shoulder bag or a hand bag in an instant since the chains also act as a top handle.

This Gucci goody also has gold toned studs and glass GG Pearl studs, has an interior open pocket and one side gusset. What’s more surprising is that it comes in three bold colors you can choose from: pink leather, hibiscus red leather and black leather.







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Fall-Winter 2016 Gucci Ad Campaign

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I recall a conversation I had with an esteemed editor who met up with Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele recently in London, and if I remembered correctly, the editor mentioned something about the designer ‘living in his own world’. And it’s exactly this unique world perspective that has given the historied Italian luxury house new life and turned her fortunes around almost overnight.

You’ll see this world in his clothes, in his accessories, but the starting point for any collection will always be the ad campaigns, which started on crowded streets to underground train stations and most recently, a tropical aviary complete with pink flamingos. Yes, nothing normal here, but normal it seems, isn’t in Michele’s vocabulary to begin with.

For the Fall-Winter 2016 ad campaign which just hit the interwebs today, we have Glen Luchford lensing his 4th consecutive campaign (or is it the 5th one?) for Gucci, shot on various locations in Tokyo from a pachinko parlour to a park and even the interior of a traditional Japanese house, complete with tatami mats. There are crowded streets, there are soap bubbles, there’s even a bowl of goldfish, with each campaign image subtitled with words like ‘street sounds’, ‘pop’ and ‘relentless buzzing sound’.

You don’t have to try to break it down and try to psychoanalyse it intently for its alternative meaning, you just have to sit back and enjoy Michele’s world. And figure out what you’ll be buying from the collection too, of course.

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