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Felt? For the Fall Winter 2016 Collection? Why was it not published on Celine’s website? When we first got the news, we thought the Celine Felt Bags were from the Fall 2016 Collection, until Karen shared her story to us and how she bought the Celine felt Trapeze in Europe for a stunning price.

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‘So glad you think worth bragging about. I became worried with the recent piece on the fake eBay buy!! But I purchased this at a very reputable shop. Problem is, I am not savvy with Celine. Had been looking at LV Lock-it in black. A classic but too expensive! And on the same day, the Hermes Garden Bag, which they actually had in black!! But I felt it too ‘summery’ for England’s upcoming long winter. So for way less than half the price, I went with this Celine. I paid euro 1200.’

Next email:

‘Yes, online I too found only the grey felt bag. Mine is green felt with navy felt sides. Black leather flat and handles. Unable to find online. I purchased this bag NEW from a very reputable shop, Katie Jacobson, in Nice, France. Shop is located between Hermes and Louis Vuitton. The saleswoman – owner of the shop no less – told me it just arrived and is the new collection for 2014/15. The navy felt is same as Celine is showing on the Phantom (I believe that’s the one). I am taking the bag into the London Celine shop tomorrow, Monday, to sort it out! Will let you know what they say’

Next day:

‘Today, I went to the new Celine store on Mount St in London. So beautiful! As was everything in it! The green & blue felt trapeze bag I purchased in France is absolutely from the Winter 2016 Collection. The Manager recognized it right away. They already sold out of my combination. The green felt is also being used on the Luggage Handbag. My bag retails for UK £ 1250. In France, it retailed for 1300 euros. I purchased it for 1200 euros. A respectable savings of about US 350 between UK and EU’.

Celine not only secretly released the Trapeze Bag in Felt, but also in other styles like the luggage, Tie Tote and the Belt Bag. Felt is generally cheaper in price than other leathers. But because of this, we thought you might want to take a look, so we gathered some images. Here they are:






(Karen, I hope everything went well and you’re doing okay =))

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Valentino Camoucouture Felt Fabric Backpack

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If I’m buying just one backpack this season, this one, the Valentino Camoucouture Backpack in felt fabric, would be it. Maybe I’m a sucker for anything camouflage, or the fact that I’ve always loved how lightweight (and fuss-free) felt is as a fabric, or just that being handsfree whilst wondering the city (or the great outdoors) is always a bonus, especially if I need both hands to operate my iPhone when I need to shoot something for Instagram.

Measuring 44 cm in height by 33 cm across, it’s roomy enough for most guys and then some, and whether you’re using it for work or play (or work and play) wouldn’t be an issue either. With double-zips on both the main compartment and the front pocket, it comes finished with leather handles that come with a sprinkling of ruthenium-finish studs.

Priced at USD2380 online via Valentino (from what I gather you can order it online and they’ll ship to Singapore and the region), you might as well pick up the matching felt fabric sneakers (also known as the Camouflage Rockrunner) as well, priced atUSD820 a pair. Because that’s exactly what I would do.

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