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Celine never runs out of leather goodies to share to the public especially with its clutch pouches. A brand known for their bag artistry and craftsmanship, Celine is a name in the bag industry that is hard to compete with. Take a look at these solo clutch pouches they have and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

The leather looks absolutely stunning. We bet that running your fingers through it could give you retail happiness in a split second, It’s that good that we couldn’t blame women who couldn’t just get enough of them.

These solo clutch pouches come in two colors that you can choose from: Black Smooth Lambskin and Silver Laminated Lambskin while the other one is in Pale Grey and Merlot Smooth Lambskin. They both measure 10′ x 7′ inches and are priced €360 euro each via Celine boutique.


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Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

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Jimmy Choo Evening Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo brings makes women appear with a touch of luxury with a studded clutch embellished. The clutch is suitable for a very sparkling night and luxury. Available in two options, but everything remains fine embellished. The first is the Jimmy Choo cloud crystal embellished clutch with mini structure, which is adorned with crystals aplenty and finished with a luxe leather interior. Let it add opulent allure to all your party looks. That have details like hook clasp its loop fastening, leather lining, brass and crystal. And the second is the Jimmy Choo embellished brass with brass clutch design is intricately embellished with pearls and crystals, and finished with a matching oversized faux pearl hook clasp. Interchangeable pouches in black and pastel pink can be placed inside so you can match any outfit perfectly. With details such as its loop fastening hook clasp, interchangeable black and pink velvet pouches, brass, faux pearls and crystals.

Jimmy Choo Embellished Brass Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo Cloud Crystal Embellished Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch


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Another magnificent piece of Chanel’s creation, a Minaudière that carries the name – Chanel Ombre Clutch Bag.

If you ever need a summer clutch, one that’s shining endlessly and splashing with colors, well, this is it. Refined from the top to the bottom with Chanel elements like the CHANEL logo embossed on the top, an extra large CC signature on the front and the interwoven chain links that represent the brand.

Perhaps you’ve already spotted the Chanel Boy Brick in Plexiglas, which is also a part of the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. It has the exact same shade like the Ombre Clutch Bag, but because it’s a ‘boy’ inspired accessory, the feel of the design is entirely different.

I like this bag, because it’s functional. Either you can use it as a glamorous evening clutch or if you like, you can change it into a small shoulder bag. And it’s a bit larger than the general clutch, which makes it perfect as it has more space.


Now, I do not know its exact size, but I think these images can help you along. The chain is removable and it’s crafted from plexiglass, a strong and durable material.

Sometimes I think that everything-Chanel is literally timeless, as long as the brand shines, even this clutch can be stored in your wardrobe, take it out anytime you like and still you’re in-trend.

Expected price: $3,400 USD at your local Chanel boutique.


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In times when making a statement is an emergency, you will be digging into your closet and try to match the best combination. But what combination is perfect without the perfect clutch?

For the dressed up summer nights, you can call on Kate Spade to deliver you a statement-making accessory that will suit your personality – glam, playful and chic.

The Kate Spade Fine Feather Roux is a pink clutch that ‘bling’ like the disco lights. It glitters in the eyes of your competitors and it’s so glamorous that it will help you steal the night effortless.

What makes us happy is that it comes with a long shoulder strap of 15’ in length, which means that you can free your hands anytime you want. You know, when it’s time to dance…

Finished with 14-karat light gold, a parrot is crafted on the top to represent the summer season, embossed with Kate Spade signature, it’s measured 6’ x 9’ (H x D).

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Flowers are one of the symbols that represent women, Chanel is great at doing this. You know, the Camellia flowers, it’s even designed in the Chanel sneakers.

But recently I have read an interesting article about flowers and men. The question was: ‘What is about rose flowers that make most women love them so much’.

Professor Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist from Duke University wrote in his blog post: ‘One way to view this discrepancy is that women like these things exactly because men hate shopping for them’.

And he continued: ‘If you purchased something for your loved one that you enjoyed shopping for, this would be nice, but having to overcome your aversion to shopping for these items is a much stronger signal of your love and care. So this year, when you are shopping for jewelry or flowers for your soul mate, remind her what a pain it was for you’.

Perhaps Dan Ariely is right, or maybe he is not right, in the end he is a man, how can he understand how we feel.

But survey does show that most women do want to have flowers, but who doesn’t want beautiful natural things.

Let’s get back to the topic, Lanvin recently introduced an evening bag with feminine snake chain, which can be easily changed into a clutch. It’s a pretty bag to company your ‘little black dress’, if you’re wearing that tonight. White flowers are embroidered on the velvet and its super soft. Measuring 9.4’ x 5.5’ x 2’ inches.


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Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch

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kenzo_animal-print-watersnake-clutchSometimes I blog because there’s something new/fun/desirable that I just have to share with you guys. Other times I blog because it’s my way of keeping an online record of what I liked when, and we all know how useful blogs are when chronologising such things.

Today’s share is the Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch, which is here for 2 reasons. Firstly, I need not stress how big clutches are this season (and probably for the next 17 to come), so if you haven’t yet acquired one, this could be it. Secondly, with the craze for everything leopard-printed-including-the-shoes-bags-and-RTW that’s Kenzo-related and rather pricey, this clutch could be one of the more affordable pieces you could get yet.

Measuring 20.5 cm by 15.5 cm, this unisex clutch is semi-glossy watersnake clouded leopard on one side, and shiny patent tiger stripes (yes, really) on the other. Priced atGBP127 over at Net-A-Porter (which makes it just over SGD250),  it’s exactly what I said in the beginning, that it would make a memorable collectible (that’s also affordable) for fans of this collection.

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