Christian Louboutin Paloma

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Oh Paloma, you quirky little beauty. The bag is very Christian Louboutin for a number of reasons – the handles, the colours, and of course, those unmistakable spikes.

First, we’ll start with the handles, which are the same colour as the insole on Louboutin stilettos, that creamy soft Nude. Turn the bag to its side and you’ll see another much-used Louboutin colour, their iconic red. On the Paloma, you’ll find that striking red on the bag’s inner layer and together they are the bag’s most consistent signatures, an ode to what made Louboutin to begin with, their tall, sexy heels.

Clean and simple when viewed from the front, turn it to its side again and you’ll see the spikes, instantly bringing to mind how like the Paloma, most of us out there can be naughty and nice all at once. Slightly elevated with four pedestal studs (which also means the undersurface of the bag never really touches whatever it’s placed on), it’s definitely a well-thought out feature that’s much appreciated, especially when some of us can be OCD like that.


Available in four sizes; Nano, Small, Medium and Large, they all come with their own shoulder sling, with prices starting from SGD1750 for the Paloma Nano in black calfskin leather. And if plain calfskin leather is just too pedestrian for your taste, you’ll find the Paloma in everything from pony hair to felt and even one that’s decorated with gold and silver studs for Spring-Summer 2017.

For fans of the offbeat luxury house, this is as Louboutin as it gets, and if you’re also looking out for a bag that stands out from the rest of the crowd, this is something that you could most definitely consider. Available at their newish flagship boutique at Scotts Square, you could also shop online via Christian Louboutin where shipping is free for orders from Singapore, with tax and duties already included in the price. In other words, why not?

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Christian Louboutin has launched new handbag

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The 53-year-old French luxury footwear designer – who is recognised for his signature red patent sole footwear- has joined forces with his friend to Valérie Schlumberger and the French charity La Maison Rose to launch the “magic” oversized accessory called Africana, which will see 10 per cent of proceeds go to aid Senegalese women and children.


The fashion mogul shared two pop-art styled videos on Instagram to showcase his latest creation.

The first post read: “Our latest collaboration is a story of friendship, creativity and reinvention. Meet Africaba, the versatile day bag made in partnership with French charity #LaMaisonRose. With each purchase, a portion of proceeds provide aid relief to Senegalese women and children.”


Shop Christian Louboutin Handbag Collection

Whilst his second graphic comic-esque upload read: “True magic! Africaba is the result of a collaboration between Christian Louboutin, his dear friend Valérie Schlumberger, and the women of La Maison Rose. A beautiful pink house in Dakar, La Maison Rose is much more than a house; it is a place of hope and safety for vulnerable and marginalized women of Senegal and their children.


Demonstrating inventiveness combined with instinctive artistic flair, the hand-embroidered work of the women of La Maison Rose is fused with the skill of the house of Christian Louboutin to create this vivid and distinctive day bag.”


Christian’s soft-bodied shopper features a bold African design, complete with short red leather handles, as well as an extended shoulder strap for a cross-body or over the arm carrier. The envelope tote is decorated with beads and spikes, in keeping with his iconic designs, as well as the designers initials engraved, as well as an large embroidered logo, which retails at £795 online.

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Let’s see, which model has been featured on the special release of the Malangeli pumps? Well, for the ad campaign, no other than Mr. Christian louboutin himself was pictured on the table with its newest design for woman.

Presenting to you, the Christian Louboutin Malangeli Pumps, it’s a devilish pair of shoes in the classic black or red color, an attraction magnet if you wear it on the streets.

So where did the inspiration came from?

It’s inspired by the Disney movie ‘Maleficent’, the curled heel and the nude mesh base hint that something sinister is a foot. A shoe with a fairytale story, how wonderful is that?

The Christian Louboutin Malageli Pumps is made in collaboration with Angelina Jolie, the profit from the sales will benefit the SOS Children’s Village, supported by Jolie. The organization provides loving homes to orphaned and abandoned children in 133 countries.

This shoe will only be limited available. Price and availability is still unknown, we will keep you informed.





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I’ve never been to New York before (awkward), but it’s on my wish list, somewhere on to the top priority category. But my friend Sam has been living there for the past three years, and she told me: ‘Everything is different here, you can dress whatever you like and nobody cares’. This conversation started in Amsterdam (some time ago), we hopped on the tram late afternoon and three tourists were eyeing on us like we were aliens, literally.

But if you are going to dress anyway, better dress to impress than doing poorly. Red is attention-grabbing color, not that we can do anything about it, it’s in our DNA, a gift from the nature. Whenever we spot red, especially when it’s flashing, we look.

Red, combine with the wrong colors and it can ruin your day, create the right mixture and you are like a solo star shining on a beautiful night. Christian Louboutin loves red, he knows that stiletto’s and red (an irresistible shade) will tune any girl into a fashion-magnet.

Read this: ‘Let your inner diva rise this season with Ishtar Booty’ in luscious rouge de mars. Its exquisitely draped suede upper creates a sexy effect that is enhanced by its chic pointed too.

There’s no better way to describe these gorgeous booty. Oh, red and winter, what a splendid combination.


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When the shoe meets red, it will likely turn into a Christian Louboutin heel. Introducing the Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2015 Bag Collection.

A series of shoes are going to be released that are sporty and dynamic. Like the glamorous waved high heel in fuchsia. Attention to details, stitched with love, it’s made not only to impress but also to kill.

The Louboutin Spring Summer 2015 Collection will be painted in different colors, in multi-color pumps, with fringes or shoe drawings. And innovative black wedge with extraordinary hallow heel, very distinctive.

So what do you think?








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Christian Louboutin Astrakan Alexis Document Holder

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christian_louboutin_astrakan-alexis-document-holderOne of the bags from Christian Louboutin’s F/W13 you should look forward to is theChristian Louboutin Astrakan Alexis Document Holder, which has had its studs replaced with layer of plush astrakan, or in layman speak, the fleece of young or baby lambs resembling looped, knitted fur.

Further embellished with a trio of embroidered military medals positioned right under the handle, it makes for a smart briefcase, the 35.5 cm by 25.5 cm size ensuring it’s just right for a couple of files and a tech gadget or two, nothing too cumbersome like those old-school gusseted variations. It’s also a great alternative to the whole military-camouflage trend, this one more general than foot soldier, if you know what I mean.

No word yet on the price (or when this eagle will land), so expect another update pronto.

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