Checkered print draped coat over pointed toe boots from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Checkered print draped coat over pointed toe boots from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

For Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection, Demna Gvasalia continued his focus on oversized silhouettes and a play on proportion. The Georgian designer opened the show with a series of coats and jackets styled to the side. When the Balenciaga woman sheds her layers, what is revealed includes high-necked blouses and shirts paired with mid-length skirts and flared trousers.

For footwear, the designer reissued spring’s stocking-boots. Flouncy dresses included colorful prints embraced vibrant florals, chain details and polka dots. Gvasalia introduced nine couture style gowns and dresses marking Balenciaga’s 100th anniversary. A feather embellished gown stood out as well as a fuchsia-colored dress featuring ruffled layers.


Puffer jacket over mid-length skirt and pointed toe boots from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Puffer jacket over mid-length skirt and pointed toe boots from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Floral print apron dress with large tote bag from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Floral print apron dress with large tote bag from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Strapless polka dot print gown and matching tote bag from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Strapless polka dot print gown and matching tote bag from Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2017 collection

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Balenciaga Bazar Shopper XS

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Love them or hate them, the Bazar Shopper totes have been bestsellers since the day they were launched, an updated nod to the cheap plastic carryalls you’ll find at most any wet/wholesale market around the world. Made of leather (not canvas or plastic, mind you), Balenciaga has introduced a new size for the season, a smaller-than-small variation that’s simply known as the XS (or Mini, as she is also known).

Measuring a wee 23 cm by 22 cm, the almost-square mini tote comes adorned with a long shoulder sling, which allows one to sling it across the body if you so choose. Or, you could just carry it by its short top handles, which would also work well. Then there are the many, many different colour combinations it comes in, from the Coral/White and Mustard/Ecrucombinations that you’ll find on Net-A-Porter, to a Green/Blue/Red/White multi-combo that you’ll only find online via MATCHESFASHION.

Affordably priced (and considering they are made of full lambskin leather as well), they retail for GBP885 on Net-A-Porter and aroundSGD1400 via MATCHESFASHION. And with Lunar New Year just around the corner, might I also add that these bags, small as they might be, will be ample enough for all the red packets you’re going to collect?

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to going nearly naked while seated front row during fashion week. There's almost nothing left she can do to shock and awe. Except this: at today's Balenciaga show, the queen of contouring decided to go totally makeup-free.

Kardashian tweeted about her plans to go bare-faced earlier in the day, but we're shocked she actually went through with it.

Think I'm gonna wear no make up today to the Balenciaga show.

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) October 2, 2016It's not that she needs makeup (none of us really do), but we've become so accustomed to seeing Kardashian in full-glam. But the makeup-free look is a nice change of pace for the star, especially paired with her sleek hair and nude ensemble. It's a nice reminder that under all that artfully placed highlighter is true, natural beauty. And okay, there is probably a lot of crazy-expensive face cream on her face in this photo (we don't expect her to go totally bare). But maybe this is the start of a strobing-free, Alicia Keys era for the Kardashian family? Only time will tell. But if Kim Kardashian is now embracing the no-makeup movement, then it's safe to say that it is officially mainstream.Kim Kardashian pulled an Alicia Keys — meaning she (supposedly, according to the caption of her Instagram post) went completely makeup free — atBalenciaga's spring 2017 show in Paris on Sunday. And here's the real shocker: She looked as flawless as ever. (Just kidding, this is obviously not at all shocking.) The move is especially refreshing for Kardashian, given her usual penchant for more-is-more makeup. She also kept her hair similarly minimal, though the ample length is no doubt the result of extensions.   Kardashian's makeup-free move mirrored what was happening on the runway at the Balenciaga show (as well as at many others this season); models wore no-makeup makeup and simple, center-parted hair.

Another notable element missing from Kardashian's look, in addition to makeup? A shirt. Kardashian's aesthetic for the show can perhaps best be described as "flasher chic," a trench coat with apparently not much else. Thanks for always keeping things interesting, Kim.

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Simple bags can be a good thing in fashion, because they’re usually all-rounded and easy-to-match with whatever it’s in your wardrobe. Take the Balenciaga Pochette M Bag for example.

The front of the bag looks too-simple, but this lovely is inspired by professional make-up bag (also known as roll up bag), so take a closer look at the side – only then you can see how much details the front look is hiding.balenciaga-pochette-m-bag

The color black makes the bag timeless while it comes with a chain strap with shoulder pad, which can be easily detached btw. So that means a mini shoulder bag in the evening and a comfortable clutch at night.

The interior is large enough to carry only your vital essentials like credit cards or coins, featuring with a zip and patch pockets. There is also a zip part on the bottom.


Made in smooth calfskin, a luggage tag is on the back with engraved mirror plate. Measuring 37 x 14 x 5 cm, priced at $1995 USD, €1595 euro, £1195 GBP.

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The first taste of Alexander Wang’s creation for Balenciaga was the Le Dix Collection – a series of feminine chic accessories, streamlined and butterly smooth. I really like the ‘Le Dix Bags’ but my heart and loyalty, is still with the motorcycle bags; theClassic City, Classic Town, Classic Part time. Once you go for motorcycles, you simply don’t return.

But let’s chit chat about the Spring Summer 2014 Collection; from all the new bag releases I’ve seen, it’s the Balenciaga Ray Doctor Bag that have captured my attention, mainly because it’s looks so simple yet sophisticated and modern with a touch of elegant. The signature Balenciaga Paris is crafted on the silver plate and it’s made to hold only by hand. Unfortunately I didn’t saw any shoulder strap, it would be more convenient if they embellished it, but I think it would have totally ruined the design.

It has a shape to hold decent essentials, an iPad would certainly fit, but not your summer jacket. What I find interesting is that a lot of brands have already released the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, but Balenciaga is holding the Ray Doctor Bag back. There’s zero information on their website and I wondered whether it was released or not, but you can find the black version in their boutique.

I was also informed that the black and Rose Boudoir (as seen on the pics) will be made available online, but this can take a several weeks. Therefore we publish it early on, in case you spend your personal monthly allowance somewhere else. It’s currently priced at $2,650 USD.

Let us know what you think.






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The Balenciaga Le Dix Bags still have a long way to go, but one thing I am certain; they’re getting better and better.

The Le Dix’s are femininely stylish and so-much prettier than the usual bag, but it’s still unmatched to motorcycle bags that we so much adore. But overall, I can still bet my money on the new Le Dix Cabas M Bag because it’s practical to use in everyday life, and it can reach far more places than the Classic City Bag, like in formal events, when suits and ties are invited.

Let’s start from the beginning…

The name of the line, referring to Le Dix, is inspired by the 10 Avenue George V flagship boutiques. This new Le Dix Cabas M Bag is streamlined, simple and yet a powerful statement maker. Crafted from Elk skin printed calfskin leather and it comes with a removable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your own comfort level.

Enriched with palladium and brushed gold with the mirror and closing snap embossed with ‘Balenciaga ’ logo, measuring 34 x 43 x 13 cm, currently only in Black Nappa Lining. At Balenciaga e-store for $1.995 USD and 1445 euro’s.

If you could choose between Balenciaga Classic City bag or the Le Dix, which one will you pick?


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