Hermès Clic HH Mens Bracelet

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Nothing new exactly, just a quick update on the made-for-men enamel bracelets that have been around for a while now. Finished in brushed matte palladium (as opposed to the shiny ones that you’ll find in the ladies variations), they do come in more enamel colours now than before, from Emerald to Lime to Orange, just to name a few. Priced at SGD930 apiece locally, you’ll find them at Hermès boutiques across Singapore now and the next time you’re in the mood to update (or upgrade) your #wristparty, you’ll know what to do, and where to go.

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Watch Out for the Gucci Embroidered Watches

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It’s a good face to look at any time of the day.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Snake

Gucci’s lovely prints, the snake, bee, and even the bengal tiger, has found its way in embroidered form in watch face plates. These embroidered Gucci Watches are called Le Marché Des Merveilles. Though I do not speak French, it seems to be Google Translated into The Wonder Market. If you have corrections, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bengal Tiger

There are many variations aside from the print. You can interchange the straps with thicker leather straps (at least in the women’s section), or use the Red/Green or Red/Blue Gucci web nylon straps for a more sporty look. You can also opt to choose a silver or gold stainless steel watch face.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee

These time pieces are wonderfully swiss crafted and are quartz movement time tracking fashion devices. In case the embroidery is not Gucci enough, there are monogrammed double G crowns on the side.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Side

The backplate is engraved with a bee, although Gucci’s signature doesn’t seem to stick to any particular form. For now it’s the bee, but I can’t quite make sense why the bee is the etched figure in all of the watches in this line. Maybe next time it’d be a snake, or a tiger. While I can’t commit to mark a bee as Gucci, it doesn’t entirely matter because this back plate doesn’t get any exposure unless you’re not wearing it.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee Engraved

Are you as smitten by these the way the first printed bags came out? Or is the paradoxical expected shock from Gucci starting to get old? Feel free to express yourself in the comments section.

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Chanel: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The J12

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Chanel has long been known as an elegant fashion and jewelry brand that was founded by the late Coco Chanel. Chanel Watches moved the company into a new arena. Chanel watches launched the J12 watch range in 1999 to major success. The J12 watch collection contains Chanel's first unisex watch and has a unique style that has become widely recognized. The J12 watches are Chanel's most popular watch series with such features as automatic movement, chronographs, and high tech ceramic fused with steel, gold, and other materials.

Chanel Watches also produces many luxury watches that they have infused with diamonds in the bezel and on other watch parts. The Chanel watch range is known for its black and white high-tech Chanel J12 ceramic watches worn by celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Fearn Cotton, Dale Winton and others.


Without further ado, here’s Part 2 to Chanel’s 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The J12.

#4 – Its strength is also legendary, and while it isn’t indestructible, it’s pretty strong. Think of the saying ‘it takes a diamond to scratch a diamond’ and you’ll know what I mean. Even more amazing, it all begins with high-grade ceramic power being tipped into moulds that are shaped after the bezel and the links on the watch strap, before being ‘fired’ in a kiln. I didn’t know this myself either, but they shrink by almost 20% during the firing process, compressing the powder and forming the hard ceramic pieces that are then buffed and shined into the iconic components that make up the watch.

#5 – The high-tech ceramic J12 also has health benefits because it is hypoallergenic too. Yes, you read that right. Because if one is allergic to metals like nickel, you won’t have any issues with this watch. You might laugh, but with all sorts of allergies being even more commonplace these days, it is another factor to consider when buying a timepiece, especially an expensive one that’s meant to be worn every day.

#6 – Last but by no means least, let’s take a look at another key component of any timepiece, the watch strap. Or in the case of the J12, it’s the bracelet that’s also made of ceramic. The first luxury brand to ever use ceramic as jewellery on such a big scale, it’s also scratch-resistant, inert to chemicals and ergonomically compatible. What I’m even more fascinated about is the patented magnetic clasp that took 7 years of research and allows it to ‘spring’ open as and when you need it to. Which is important since no one should ruin their freshly manicured nails while putting on or taking off their watch.


And that’s it folks, 6 things you never knew about Chanel’s J12, and if you missed the first part, have a look here via this link. If any of you have more questions regarding the J12 or any of Chanel’s other timepieces for that matter, drop a comment here and I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can.

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Porsche and Chopard honor Le Mans with limited edition time pieces

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The 84th edition of 24 Hours of Le Mans saw the unveiling of Chopard’s Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Black Edition, a 100-piece limited edition chronograph. Inspired by the new Porsche919 Hybrid, the watch will be available only at Chopard boutiques. The 45mm titanium case of the timepiece is one of the most favored materials to be used in the world of endurance racing. Further bead-blasted and blackened by DLC treatment, the case not only carries a classy sheen but also ensures that it is resistant to scratches. The durability extends below the surface of water as well, making the watch submergible up to 100 meters.

The bezel is studded with eight blackened screws while the crown is fashioned to resemble a steering wheel. The dial is flanked by two distinctly red rubber pushers. The car analogy is taken further in the case middle, which is made to resemble the cooling fins in the car’s engine.
The watch is powered by a Chopard Caliber 03.05M. Other important features include a 60-minute power reserve and a flyback function. The mechanical self-winding chronograph movement has been COSC certified.

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Not diamonds or gold this watch costs $95,000 because its the blackest in the world

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MCT S-110 Evo venta

Would you pay the weight in gold for a black-strapped watch? Nothing to be too shocked about, considering this is the blackest black that man has found. The man, named Anish Kapoor discovered the Vantablack in 2013, and today it is in the leagues of shimmering cousins like gold and platinum. The worth is going to be proven when Swiss watch company will launch this stunning, magnificent, absolute rad watch this fall called the S-110 Evo Venta Black, at $95,000.

The promo of the watch is building the suspense, and any person with a love for dials and tick-tocks would love this black beauty. It comes with four dials with five prisms that flip digits, like an advertising banner. It comes studded with 471 components, 81 rubies and a 40-hour power reserve. The Vantablack is used on the dial and some other parts on the watch too.

However, the star is not the dial but the use of Vantablack – so rich that if you stare at it too long you might feel like you are being pulled into a void, a black hole of sorts. This “blackest shade of black” has been manufactured by Surrey Nanosystems, which initially developed this colour for the aerospace in collaboration with British National Physics Laboratory. The “tint” is made up of a “complex of carbon nanotubes which when assembled together can absorb over 99.965 percent of light.” The depth of the colour has been explained using multiple analogies, but I suppose we have to see it to believe it. Supporting the watch case made of titanium with black DLC coating, is a black alligator strap with a sapphire crystal case back and face.

The watch is a super limited edition and only 10 pieces will be made. This should explain the price tag.

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and with Neiman Marcus’ Holiday editionof ‘The Book’, it’s not only diamonds but also emeralds and sapphires that take the BFF spot. In a feature called, ‘Icy Accumulations Ahead’, model Sasha Luss wears some of the most dazzling jewelry looks from top brands such as David Webb, Van Cleef & Arpels as well as Roberto Coin. Sebastian Kim photographed Sasha in the precious gems while Stephen Lewis captured the still-life images. See more of the sparkling holiday jewelry looks below.

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The model wears dazzling designer jewelry looksThe model wears dazzling designer jewelry looks










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